Text Message Marketing

Are you ready to put your marketing in high gear? Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on “Old School” marketing that just doesn’t work anymore?

Have you tried doing a “Groupon” and found that although it brought a lot of people to your restaurant, you didn’t make any PROFIT from it?

Imagine if you had been using Text Message Marketing along with your “Groupon” offer! Now you would be able to market to those same people on a weekly basis with practically no cost to you! No more giving all your profit away just to get people in your door.

How Does Text Message Marketing Work?

Imagine going into your restaurant and seeing a “Table Tent” on each table with an offer for a free soft drink like the one below.

How many of your customers would like a free soft drink with their meal? Are you willing to give away a free soft drink to be able to get that customer back into your restaurant? Of course you are!

Once they send the text message they automatically receive a text coupon for their free soft drink.

How Does This Make You Money?

Each week, that same customer will receive special offers and discounts via text messages from your restaurant! They are now your VIP customer, coming in again and again and bringing their friends. This will easily bring in thousands of extra income to your restaurant!

Not Sure If This Will Work For Your Restaurant?

We know that people are very skeptical about new things! Why shouldn’t you be? For years you have been convinced by salespeople that yellow pages ads would bring you in more business. Radio ads and magazine ads would put you ahead of your competitors. After spending thousands of dollars on “Old School” ads that no longer are effective, you convince yourself that “it’s all about branding”. You’ve convinced yourself that “I have to give it 5 years to become successful”. “I have to spend money to make money”. You know all the “cliches” that you convince yourself of!

If all these “Old School” marketing techniques were so great, why won’t they let you try it out for free and only pay them if it brings you in business??? Have you ever asked one of these salespeople to do that? Did they laugh in your face?

We Know Text Messaging Marketing Works

We know text messaging marketing works and our packages start at just $99.

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