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Google Places (Google Maps)

Every business can benefit from more exposure. Because of current trends, having a great Google Places (Google Maps) listing is almost becoming a necessity.

Statistics indicate that more than 50% of all internet/mobile phone searches conducted in 2010 were looking for information pertaining to a local business. As a result, it has never been more important to ensure that you build a strong and meaningful presence for your business on the web.

This includes the necessity to optimize your website for the search engines AND harness the power of local business listings, like Google Places (Google Maps).


What Is Google Places (Google Maps)?

Google Places (Google Maps) is a free service from Google where business owners can market, promote, and advertise their business. It lets business owners leave their mark on Google Maps and list various information about their business including their business name, products/services, address, contact details, operating hours, accepted modes of payment, photos (of establishment/products), etc.

Google Places (Google Maps)

Google Places (Google Maps) Optimization

When you do a local search on Google, the top 7 listings will show up on the first page of the search results. This means that your listing has to be optimized properly to show up on the first page.

Optimization is important to insure you come up in the proper categories and for the best keywords for your business. Choosing your keywords is one of the most important aspects of your listing. What if you choose keywords that no one searches for? It doesn’t help you get more business if no one is searching for that particular keyword.

Keyword research is imperative if you want to get the best results from your listing.  When researching keywords, you want to find what we call “Money Words”.  “Money Words” are keywords that people search for when they are ready to buy instead of when they are just looking.

For example, lets say you are a local real estate agent.  You would think that you would want your listing to come up for the keywords “real estate”, however, that isn’t the best idea.  If your listing comes up under “real estate” you may get a lot of searches but those people aren’t necessarily ready to buy, many of them are just looking.

If you get a lot of calls from people who are just looking, you will spend your time working hard rather than working smart!  It’s much better to have fewer calls from people who are ready to buy than dozens of calls from people who are only looking.  This way you are working smart rather than working hard.


Your Key To Success

As a business owner, handling the many tasks of your business and trying to keep up with social media and your Google Places (Google Maps) listing to grow your business can easily become overwhelming.  This isn’t good for business and can in many cases hurt your business rather than help.

Tnt Social Media can help make your business a success by optimizing your Google Places listing for you.

Our Google Places Optimization Package includes everything you need to bring your listing to the top of Google and keep you there!


Google Places Optimization Package – $800 initial and $200 per month maintenance


  • “Money Word” research to determine the best 3 “Money Words” for your business
  • Up to 10 SEO optimized images relating to your business
  • Up to 5 SEO optimized promotional videos for your business
  • Complete Google Places (Google Maps) optimization for your business
  • Five citation site listings for your business (important for your rankings)
  • Continued optimization of your listing to insure your listing stays at the top above your competitors

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